Techthusiast : Organizing Photo Memories FTW

On January 1st of 2019, Marie Kondo’s hit show Tidying Up took the world by storm. That storm did the opposite of what most storms do. It left clean households and tidy living in its wake instead of the usual chaos and destruction. In the show, Kondo visits American families to help people organize their lives by identifying and sorting things that spark joy. Kondo’s approach to cleaning is more than a series of chores – it’s a mentality, a lifestyle, and many people who adopted her method found tidying up to be a healthy step towards a happier home.

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Wireless Wednesday: Manage your files with the free app, Mylio

Axel Martinez from Wireless Wednesday features Mylio and its ease of use.

Mylio offers a variety of features and benefits that acts as a virtual and visual Swiss Army knife. Users can access their library anywhere because it is not a cloud service so it does not rely on internet connection to sync files, so memories are available on your device anywhere at anytime. It invites people to reclaim your device’s storage by being able syncing thousands of files to your devices using a fraction of the space. The app also can organize with face recognition in order to help you tag and organize photos in minutes. Most importantly, Mylio protects your memories, Vaults ensure your data is protected.


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Mylio: The Best Photo Organizing Software of 2019 – TechPcVipers

Anastasiia Williams of TechPcVipers writes about Mylio being the best Organizing software of 2019. Here’s a snippet with the full article link at the bottom:

It’s the 21st century, and we all have the power to produce.We take pictures on our phones, shoot videos with our GoPros, jot drafts on our tablets, write code on our laptops… We have so many tools to create, but with that comes a problem: our projects are scattered across multiple devices, drives, file systems, and websites.

Let me introduce you to Mylio, the answer to your organizational needs.

Mylio is changing the way the world remembers by bringing together all your files into one convenient library so you can find everything, anytime, anywhere.


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The Chris Voss Show: Interview with Mylio CEO, David Vaskevitch – VIDEO

Chris Voss at The Chris Voss Show interviewed David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio, this week. Here are some of the highlights.

“One thing that makes us different is that we don’t depend on the cloud. You can use the cloud if you want to, but you don’t have to.”

“Another thing that makes us different is the focus on memories. We’re not just focused on… here’s a place you can put all your pictures and get them back. This is about the structure of your life.”

– David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio

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Computer America

Computer America: Safely and Easily Organize All of Your Photos – VIDEO

Today, the Computer America podcast released their latest episode featuring an interview of Mylio founder and CEO, David Vaskevitch.

We’d been using technology for years to capture photos and other memories, but the sheer volume was overwhelming us. We were losing track. If life is a big picture, then its pixels were scattered all over the place – on our phones, laptops, and any number of objects in boxes in the garage. There had to be a better way. What if we could bring all those pixels back together again? What if we could gather the record of everything that had happened in our lives in one place, and carry it everywhere, on any device?That’s why we’ve built the Mylio photo app – a memory organizer for bringing the story of your life together again, to share with others anytime.

– David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio

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Phandroid: Safely and Easily Organize All of Your Photos – Mylio Review

Today, Sean Riley at Phandroid published a detailed first-hand review of the latest version of Mylio. Here are some highlights:

Mylio is a much more powerful tool than Google Photos… for those who use a dedicated camera (or multiple cameras), Mylio may be the perfect tool for you.


Mylio doesn’t have a cloud storage component, rather it creates a “Vault” that is the central repository for your photos wherever you would like it to be. That can be on an external drive, a NAS, your laptop/desktop or a cloud service like Google Drive or Amazon Drive.


Having worked with Lightroom as my primary photo/video organization tool for the last few years I really enjoyed how much more flexible Mylio is for sorting and finding your photos, not to mention the fact that it allows you to view your photos from across all your devices, something that I can’t really ever imagine Lightroom offering. While the cost is likely going to be a concern for some, most are going to be served by the free or at most the Premium plan at $8.33 a month and considering the potential savings versus the Adobe Photography plan and/or a cloud storage plan, you should definitely consider taking Mylio for a spin.

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Face Recognition

Tech Company News: Mylio Helps People Organize And Have Constant Access To A Lifetime Of Memories

Mylio CEO and founder, David Vaskevitch, was recently interviewed by Tech Company News. Here are some highlights:

David Vaskevitch - Mylio CEO


Q: You are the former CTO of Microsoft–Why did you create Mylio?

A: People are drowning in memories, particularly in the form of photographs. We created Mylio to help people organize and have constant access to a lifetime of memories.

Q: How would you describe Mylio in one sentence?

A: In a single sentence: Mylio is the first organizer of our precious memories, starting with photographs but also include videos and documents.

Q: How does Mylio bring all of your files together?

A: Mylio brings all your memories together in several ways. First, many of us have memories scattered across disks, computers, phones, and perhaps tablets. Mylio makes it easy to bring all those memories, particularly photos, into a single library so you can see everything in one place. Next Mylio makes all those memories available across all your devices. Whichever device you have with you – your phone, your tablet or your computer, Mylio arranges for all the memories to be everywhere. Third, and perhaps most important, Mylio provides powerful tools for organizing all those memories so you can find them quickly and easily.

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Phandroid – Mylio: Safely and Easily Organize All of Your Photos

Sean Riley at Phandroid writes about how easy and safe it is to setup and run Mylio.

Mylio is a powerful photo and video organization and storage tool that allows you to easily keep track of and actually carry your entire photo library with you on all of your devices without connecting to the internet. Whether you are a professional photographer/videographer or just love taking photos and video, the ability to have your entire library with you at all times without worrying about an internet connection is amazing. And the fact that Mylio can keep this all on your devices means you have a level of privacy that a cloud solution simply can’t offer.

But that’s only a tip of the iceberg. Mylio actually has a whole lot more to offer.


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Digital Imaging Reporter: Mylio and Seagate Partner on Photo Management Offer

Digital Imaging Reporter has announced a cross-promotional offer from Seagate and Mylio. Here are some highlights:

For a limited time, a free one-year Mylio Create plan is available with Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch, Backup Plus Slim and Backup Plus Portable drives. The plan is a $50 value. It includes automatic multi-device syncing for 50,000 photos, editing features and cloud-free storage. This offer is available initially in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

“We are thrilled to add the one-year Mylio Create subscription for Seagate customers who purchase Backup Plus drives. Protecting data, especially lifetime memories, is so important,” said Jeff Fochtman, vice president, Marketing, Seagate.

“Mylio offers Seagate customers significant value with an easy and convenient way to organize, edit and sync photos across devices.”

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MacPaw: Best photo manager apps for Mac to tame your photo chaos

MacPaw has included Mylio in its roundup of the best photo managers for Mac. Here are some highlights:

Mylio: A free photo manager app

If you’ve been meaning to consolidate your photos in one place for years, Mylio will help you do just that. When you first start using the app, it offers to look for your photos on the current device, on an external drive, and even on your Facebook.

Once all the photos you’ve taken in your lifetime are imported, Mylio organizes into a variety of views. The coolest one is Calendar, showing you photo collections on an actual calendar. That way, you’ll quickly find the photos from your son’s first birthday, even if you forgot how you named the folder. Plus, Mylio offers a free mobile app, so you can access your photo library wherever you are.

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