Zapier: Photo Funnels – How a Professional Organizer Manages All Her Photographs

Zapier published an article by an avid Mylio user describing how she uses Mylio to keep massive photo libraries organized for her clients. Here are some highlights:

There are many options on the market, but I can highly recommend Mylio, which is a program you can use to sync photos to and from multiple devices, including your phone. Mylio gives you the option of bringing in your own cloud and importing photos from your Facebook account. It’s my go-to solution for clients who need a cross-platform solution that is highly customizable, and it’s the only photo organizing software I know of that allows you import your high-resolution photos from your phone while at the same time syncing low-resolution versions back out. This means that you can carry your entire photo library with you and only use up a fraction of the storage space it would otherwise occupy, making it an ideal solution for those on the go.

Read the full article on Zapier’s blog.