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Computer America: Safely and Easily Organize All of Your Photos – VIDEO

Today, the Computer America podcast released their latest episode featuring an interview of Mylio founder and CEO, David Vaskevitch.

We’d been using technology for years to capture photos and other memories, but the sheer volume was overwhelming us. We were losing track. If life is a big picture, then its pixels were scattered all over the place – on our phones, laptops, and any number of objects in boxes in the garage. There had to be a better way. What if we could bring all those pixels back together again? What if we could gather the record of everything that had happened in our lives in one place, and carry it everywhere, on any device?That’s why we’ve built the Mylio photo app – a memory organizer for bringing the story of your life together again, to share with others anytime.

– David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio

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