Innovation & Tech Today: Meet Mylio, the Digital Photo Organizer That Is Saving Your Smartphone Space

There’s no doubt that we’re a photo-centric society. Thanks to our smartphones, we can quickly and easily take photos of anything and everything. This has inspired MyLio, a digital assistant that looks to sync and organize photos, as well as free space on your smartphone. We spoke with MyLio CEO David Vaskevitch about the origins of the platform as well as the most interesting story he’s heard from a user.

Innovation & Tech Today: Where did the idea for MyLio originate?

David Vaskevitch: The idea for MyLio originated because I wanted to change the way the world remembers. People are drowning in memories, especially in the form of photographs. I came up with MyLio to help people organize and have constant access to their lifetime of memories. MyLio began with photographs and now includes videos and documents. It basically works as a virtual assistant, helping you easily organize and find any file on any device, anytime, anywhere.


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