Medium – Mylio for Advanced Users: The Features You Need to Know About

Maggie King writs again about Mylio, this time from the perspective of an advanced user. Here are some of her thoughts with a link to her full article below.

Recently I wrote about a new discovery of mine, a digital photo organization system called Mylio. Here’s a quick refresher:

Mylio is an alternative to the uncertainty of Cloud-based services, but it plays nicely with the Cloud if you want it to. It’s a way to store your photos so that you’ll actually look at them, and you don’t have to throw your current method of organization out the window to do so. It’s got features suitable for the most basic users all the way up to professional photographers.

In my first piece about Mylio, I covered some of those basic features. Now we’re going to dig a little deeper. Fellow control freaks, this one’s for you.

The Dashboard: Your Mylio Info Hub

The key to really mastering Mylio isn’t so much about learning to find your photos (calendar view makes that easy) it’s about learning where to find your information. To view your Mylio Dashboard, look for the little laptop icon at the top right of Mylio. When you click it, up comes the dashboard.

Navigate by scrolling left to right on your mouse or touchpad, or by clicking one of the two arrows at the top right. There’s a lot to unpack here, so we’re going to go section by section…

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