Medium – Mylio for Beginners: Elevating Your Digital Photo Storage System

Maggie King – seasoned photo editor – shares her experience with Mylio on Medium:

If you’ve read my thoughts on keeping your digital photos stored and organized for good, you know it’s a topic I care a lot about. But even more than keeping them neat and tidy, I care about actually viewing my digital photos, and sometimes that’s a different story.

I stand by the system I laid out in that article. It’s important to have multiple, reliable backups and to still print photos every now and then. However, when you have literally thousands of photos, you don’t always remember every photo you’ve ever taken. It becomes a hassle to look through hundreds of folders trying to find the batch you’re wanting. Stuff gets buried and it stays buried.

In my search for an intuitive system that solves this problem, I crossed paths with Mylio, an up-and-coming software that’s designed to come at the issue from a slightly different angle. For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying it out. I fiddled with features, put it through some paces, and had a really enlightening talk with Mylio’s CMO, Cheryl Isen, and Mylio Customer Champion J.C. Figueroa.

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