Phandroid: Safely and Easily Organize All of Your Photos – Mylio Review

Today, Sean Riley at Phandroid published a detailed first-hand review of the latest version of Mylio. Here are some highlights:

Mylio is a much more powerful tool than Google Photos… for those who use a dedicated camera (or multiple cameras), Mylio may be the perfect tool for you.


Mylio doesn’t have a cloud storage component, rather it creates a “Vault” that is the central repository for your photos wherever you would like it to be. That can be on an external drive, a NAS, your laptop/desktop or a cloud service like Google Drive or Amazon Drive.


Having worked with Lightroom as my primary photo/video organization tool for the last few years I really enjoyed how much more flexible Mylio is for sorting and finding your photos, not to mention the fact that it allows you to view your photos from across all your devices, something that I can’t really ever imagine Lightroom offering. While the cost is likely going to be a concern for some, most are going to be served by the free or at most the Premium plan at $8.33 a month and considering the potential savings versus the Adobe Photography plan and/or a cloud storage plan, you should definitely consider taking Mylio for a spin.

Read the full review on Phandroid.