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Tech Company News: Mylio Helps People Organize And Have Constant Access To A Lifetime Of Memories

Mylio CEO and founder, David Vaskevitch, was recently interviewed by Tech Company News. Here are some highlights:

David Vaskevitch - Mylio CEO


Q: You are the former CTO of Microsoft–Why did you create Mylio?

A: People are drowning in memories, particularly in the form of photographs. We created Mylio to help people organize and have constant access to a lifetime of memories.

Q: How would you describe Mylio in one sentence?

A: In a single sentence: Mylio is the first organizer of our precious memories, starting with photographs but also include videos and documents.

Q: How does Mylio bring all of your files together?

A: Mylio brings all your memories together in several ways. First, many of us have memories scattered across disks, computers, phones, and perhaps tablets. Mylio makes it easy to bring all those memories, particularly photos, into a single library so you can see everything in one place. Next Mylio makes all those memories available across all your devices. Whichever device you have with you – your phone, your tablet or your computer, Mylio arranges for all the memories to be everywhere. Third, and perhaps most important, Mylio provides powerful tools for organizing all those memories so you can find them quickly and easily.

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