The Phoblographer: One of the Smartest Photo Organizing Softwares Ever

Pauleth Ip at The Phoblographer published a detailed review of Mylio Free and Premium this week. Here is a taste…

One of the unintended side effects of living life in the digital age is that we all inevitably experience digital clutter in one form or another. Known sometimes as storage creep, this phenomenon certainly applies to us photographers as well. I personally know photographers that have a drawer containing nothing but hard drives and memory cards that are full of images (You know who you are). That doesn’t even include all the photos we have taken or saved on our phones or tablets. If you were Marie Kondo, having to juggle thousands of images across all of these devices certainly doesn’t spark joy. This is where Mylio comes in, with the goal of bringing order to your digital chaos. Mylio allows you to consolidate all of your photos and videos into one place, syncing them across all of your devices so that you can access them everywhere.

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