Mylio v1.8: Desktop Photo

Mylio, the Popular Photo Organizer that Helps People Manage and Re-Discover Precious Memories is Now Available for FREE

Cross-platform app for helping consumers organize and protect their photo libraries expands both appeal and functionality

BELLEVUE, WA. – June 30  Mylio, the photo organizing app that Outdoor Photographer said “may change your life,” is now available in a free version. “We first created Mylio to serve photo professionals and enthusiasts – like ourselves,” says Mylio founder David Vaskevitch. “And we’re very proud of the way it puts all your pictures, wherever they came from, at your fingertips. Now, we’re expanding the Mylio tent to include everyone who takes pictures. To do that, we knew we needed to lower the barrier to entry.”

People who download the free version of Mylio can expect all the thrill of discovery that comes with re-discovering forgotten memories, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re protected from digital disaster. They’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find a new level of emotional impact from the calendar feature that Popular Photography called “mind-blowing.”

Introducing: Life Calendar™

Mylio’s Life Calendar™ is unique in the industry; it automatically organizes your digital memories and populates them in a calendar, where you can mark them as events both short and long, as you lived them – trips, special occasions, or life chapters like ‘school’ or ‘pregnancy’. Add scanned images from previous generations to your library, and you start to appreciate the true power of Mylio to connect us. “I was sitting on an airplane talking about my parents,” says Vaskevitch. “Within seconds I was able to pull up their wedding picture on my phone to illustrate my story. We think everyone should be able to do that.”

Mylio continues to address four core needs common to anyone who takes pictures, on any type of device:

Everything: Bring your pictures together from Facebook, Flickr, SD cards, camera roll, computers and external hard drives into a common place via Wi-Fi, without relying on the cloud, so you can work with, organize and share them on all of your devices.

Everywhere: Automatically replicate your pictures to your phone, notebook and tablet, so you can work on your pictures wherever you are, even when there’s no Internet access.

Always: Mylio automatically protects your original pictures on multiple devices so that they’re safe even if your computer is stolen, your phone is lost, or there’s a disaster like a flood or fire. Mylio’s automatic protection can also include cloud storage if preferred.

Powerful and Simple: Even with hundreds of thousands of pictures, Mylio is fast when viewing and searching photos. Best of all, Mylio provides powerful editing, even with RAW files, while presenting a simple and elegant interface that works equally well on tablets, phones and computers.

Mylio is available in more than 40 countries to anyone who produces and consumes digital photos. It’s the complete digital solution for people overwhelmed by a large – and growing – collection of images scattered across a number of devices.  Mylio organizes and protects these images, providing total access to them on any device, and at any time.

Pricing and Availability

In addition to its feature-rich, free product, Mylio also offers two tiers of premium subscription service with all the enhanced features that professional photographers and enthusiasts would expect:

  • Mylio – Free Forever: Sync up to 3 devices, manage up to 25,000 photos, JPEG, TIFF, PNG photo editing
  • Mylio Premium — $10/mo or $100 yearly: Sync up to 5 devices, manage up to 100,000 photos, JPEG, TIFF, PNG photo editing, Lightroom integration, Raw image editing, Edit with brushes, 10 GB Mylio cloud storage limit
  • Mylio Max – $25/mo or $250 yearly: Sync up to 12 devices, manage up to 500,000 photos, JPEG, TIFF, PNG photo editing, Lightroom integration, Raw image editing, Edit with brushes, 25 GB Mylio cloud storage limit, Sync remotely across networks

Anyone can try Mylio Max through our 30-day free trial plan.

Mylio can be downloaded at, or through the Apple iOS or Android app stores.

Mylio supports personal computers running OSX 10.9 or later, Windows 7 SP1 or later, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch running iOS 7 or later, and Android tablets and phones running KitKat 4.4 or later.

About MyLO Development, LLC

Mylio was created by a team of passionate photographers, developers and storytellers at MyLO Development, LLC. The privately held company was founded in 2012 by technology visionary David Vaskevitch, and is located in Bellevue, Washington.